Colour pigments or gold pigments, paper, water and some brushes. No more is needed to color life, the soul of loved ones, friends, neighbours, unknowns, a shadow, a jar, a skin, a view. Mostly with watercolour.

His watercolours resembles in nothing that can be expected from the technique. His visual language evolves with unique accents. His paintings focus on live and life, on matter and soul.

He listens to the wind, cooking, the sea, a bird, the forest, Mali, the night, Rachmaninov, footsteps on gravel while a piano plays Chopin, laugh, train in the distance, the summer rain.

His senses stand wide open for a skin, a fibre, perfume, herbs, spices, glance, wood, silk, esprit, fingers.

Worth reading is his quote about silence: Do I need silence? Or does silence needs me? Something greater prompts me to find silence. During these moments, things that cannot yet be understood, transfers. All comes together. We embrace, transcend space and time. We are one. I am We.


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