What for

Sixy® evaluates if the branding, the design and communication converge with the defined objectives. Sixy® shows the corrections the brand can operate or has to, strengthen some weakness, helps to move towards the objectives. Sixy® is relevant for family-business branding, design and communication.

The benefit

Sixy® is a high level analysis with short ROI which provides refreshing insights how target groups consider, love or ignore the brand. And brings the necessary insight and freedom to communicate the corporate story as it should be. For the benefit of family, shareholder, stakeholders and (future) employees the company is looking for.


Placed on the Sixy® matrix, each component shows its positioning on a 1-to-10 scale. The results give the latitude the brand has. Shall it stay as such or should the branding being reinforced? Or has it the opportunity to communicate in a more original way? Every move depicts the forthcoming positioning.


Let it be clear, Sixy® is a branding tool and will be valuable in your marketing process. But for pure marketing analysis there are more appropriate tools. Sixy® is a help for better and more relevant family branding and communication. Consider it as a compass for the digital world a family brand has to live in now.

François Van den Bogaert