We’ve never met a normal company. All are eccentric. Many do it unknowingly, a few do it loudly and some deny. Why should one deny? Being eccentric makes the company recognisable and attractable. Eccentric means positioning.

Our job is to create, communicate and manage the company’s most authentic and valuable asset, for the benefit of the brand, stakeholders, customers and future customers, employees and future employees.



How does a brand positions itself toward the market? In the middle, in the center? Or eccentric? By what degree? Communication is a action-reaction business, always on the move, never stable.

Controlled eccentricity is the result of the Eccentric Matrix© analysis we steer, which provides the necessary insights and freedom to communicate the corporate story as it should be. It makes the brandpositioning liveable, one that can move the brand towards chosen objectives. One you can work with. The Eccentric Matrix© shows the corrections a corporate brand can operate, strengthen some weakness, helps to move towards the center of the market or, if required, move further to the edge. The corporate brand lives.


Shall the brand stay where it stands and reinforce its positioning? Should it move to the market center? Or has it the opportunity to communicate more eccentric? Every move in the Eccentric Matrix© depict the forthcoming positioning.

The whole is a valuable communication tool in your marketing process and a help for better and more relevant corporate communication. It’s a guide for evaluation. Consider it as a compass for the world a corporate brand has to live in.

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