Are you as proud about your corporate branding, design and communication as you are about the products or services you market? No? Hesitating? Go to Sixy in the menu.

Since the millennial change we are dedicated to corporate branding and we enjoy it. It’s not given to everyone to define and build with clarity a company’s branding.

To help the concerned managers, we developed Sixy, a tool that clarifies strenghts and weaknesses on six fundamental values of the company branding. With the insights of Sixy, we motivate businesses to bring their branding at the same qualitative standard of their own products or services. We help them to become competitive.

Our experience covers the corporate domain, SME, family business, public utility, government, research, industrial, retail and the cultural scene.

We are faced with simple problems to some of the most complex, multi-layered ones.

And we were lucky to be awarded many times, national and international, creatively and efficiently, with CCB Awards, Effie Awards and an IBIS Gold Award for the Groupe Mestdagh’s employer campaign.

François Van den Bogaert



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