Our overall experience goes back some time. For the last decade we grew from consumer branding, took all our experience to corporate branding and enjoy it.Since, we’ve learned to listen to the unsaid. It’s not given to everyone to define with clarity the objectives of the company’s corporate communications. But, decoding the unsaid reveals hidden authenticity. Of course, we didn’t stop there. We looked further and had fun to help the companies and managers we worked for since. Our experience goes from consumer goods, public utility, government, research, industrial textile, retail, political discourse and the cultural scene. We’ve been faced with simple problems to some of the most complex, multi-layered ones. And we were lucky to be awarded many times, national and international, creatively and efficiently, with CCB Awards, Effie Awards and again, in 2012, with an IBIS Gold Award for the Groupe Mestdagh’s employer campaign.